A reliable & powerful end-to-end banking solution.
LYST's flagship product 'Synergies', has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the Islamic Financial Industry. Fully Sharia Compliant, Synergies has been built to integrate with both Islamic and Conventional Banks worldwide.

SYNERGIES provides Optimal TCO, Best ROI and Easy implementation. SYNERGIES is a 5th generation technology solution and is Synergies is built using a SOA, J2EE platform for generating business applications.

SYNERGIES is a TRUE open platform and runs on most platforms, True Open RDBMS, TRUE Open application servers and True Open Browsers; enabling clustering, fail-over, and load-balancing. Due to the advanced technology of the solution, SYNERGIES does not require local installation of the solution locally on the client machines but is accessible via thin client over browsers over LAN, WAN or VPN.

The solution provides the financial institution with an increased security and control, and supports high availability, and reliable service, with a rapid integration with the financial institution existing infrastructure and fits seamlessly into the financial institution existing technology infrastructure. The solution is completely OLTP, STP and component based architecture with Event driven architecture – allowing an extremely agile modernization.

The solution is completely web-based, supports and covers all required functions and puts the financial institution in control of the systems thanks to its agile, flexible, customizable workflows and embedded electronic data management. Moreover, the solution provides multiple touch points to enable seamless integration.

It also provide easy install and a straight through upgrades since its completely configurable and includes user Exits for additional customization, without the need to re-code the existing customizations or redo the configurations for future upgrades.

SYNERGIES Solution is component based architecture designed on micro-services and at the same time integrated software system developed specifically from the ground up to meet the specific requirements related to the Global banking requirements and in specific the Islamic banking products and services.

Product info
Synergies - Special Features:
Optimal TCO, fast ROI and fast implementation
Highly configurable solution allowing quick time to market new products and services
Multi-lingual, multi-institution, multi-branch & multi-currency
Islamic finance Institution Model Setup
Built in market practice policies, processes and procedures
Built-in electronic workflow

Component based solution. This optimizes and speeds up future upgrades.
Open system architecture; platform and database independent
Truly SOA compliant design not just at the level of SOA interfaces
EDA provides a richer, more robust level by leveraging previously causal relationships to form a new event pattern
Highly secured compliant with relevant international standards

OLTP, STP no batch processing to update balances and positions
Multiple touch points to enable seamless integration
Single version. Newly added functionality automatically becomes available to all users.
True 24 x 7 operations. No downtime.

Advantages of Synergies Islamic Financial Solutions

  • Fully Sharia compliant System.
  • Developed based on bottom–up approach to ensure every issue related to Islamic Sharia principles have been addressed and reflected in the way the system operates hence assuring complete peace of mind to clients.
  • Ability to seamlessly co-exist within other core banking systems thus providing an effective and working Islamic Window for Conventional Banks. Shorter time period for integration and implementation thus allowing banks to operate choice Islamic Modules to offer Islamic Windows to clients.
  • Minimal changes in operational interface allowing faster acceptance by users.
  • Low implementation risk based on work involved in system integration mainly.
  • Continuous enhancement to support the fast evolving Islamic finance industry.
  • Rich functionalities and customization capabilities based on LYST's access to Islamic finance institution across multiple geographies.
Synergies supports the following instruments via a highly parameterized framework enabling creation of different flavours, new products and product mix along with their behaviour, financial implication, workflow, documentation and specifics:
  • Murabaha
  • Wakala
  • Mudaraba
  • Tawaruq / Commodity Murabaha
  • Ijara
  • Sukuk
  • Musharaka
  • Salam
  • Qard
  • Points Calculation
  • Musawama
  • Istisna
  • Financial Simulation
  • Liquidity Simulation
  • Takaful management fees calculation
  • Profit calculation simulation
  • LC Murabaha
  • Financing Origination

Digital Banking Platform


Omni Channel Management

The Omni channel management platform solution is a middleware between the core banking and the different channels. The Omni channel management platform provides customers focused channel preferences and customer contact history component. the financial institution can manage channel migration of customers easily. In addition, channel costing and channel profitability will be helpful for your 360 degree customer view. From omni channel platform, you can offer special campaigns with a special channel experience. All these component will be integrated with core banking, channel applications, CRM and BPM systems.

Online Banking Solution

Cutting Edge Technology: Online Banking Solution
The new generation online banking solution provides best customer experience with any device, desktop, tablet, mobile. It builds passion between customers and banks.

Mobile Banking Solution

State of the Art: Mobile Banking Solution
The new generation mobile banking Solution provides enhanced customer experience. It is more personal and relevant, Works in any device including mobile phones and tablets.

VTM Solution

The VTM platform Solution provides self-service ATM applications and video calls to contact centers. In addition, platform provides integration whatever VTM machines provide like scanner, card issuer, printer etc. So, you will have a full functions of automated branch. VTM platform has applications like process designer, monitoring, predictive analyzing, optimization, built in ATM and card systems integration, machine management, mobile access, IT configuration. For customer experience two options are available, HTML5 and native. Both supports touchable and non-touchable responsive UI.

ATM Solution

The ATM platform Solution is based on state of the art technologies. It is software defined, cloud ready and providing enhanced customer experience. For customer experience two options are available, HTML5 and native. Both supports touchable and non-touchable responsive UI. It is very easy to integrate with banking systems because of connectivity APIs, and SOA based design.

Digital Branches Solution

New Generation Digital Branches Solution
We provide new generation digital branch experience for customers, integrating teller tablet application to VTM, TCR, ATM and any devices required in branches.

Mobile Payment Solution

The new generation mobile payment and wallet solution provides enhanced customer experience. It is more personal and relevant, works in any device including mobile phones and tablets. Solution features:
- Contactless Near Field Communication
- HCE Implementation
- Cloud-based mobile payments
- Biometric Integrations
- Integration with Bank Systems
- QR Code Payments
- Integration with Card Store Systems
- Campaign Management

Application Frameworks


Enterprise Application Framework

Enterprise Application Framework is designed to assist software developers with common enterprise development cross-cutting concerns (such as logging, validation, data access, exception handling, and ORM). Framework mainly based on provided as source code and documentation that can be used "as is," extended, or modified by developers to use on complex, enterprise-level line-of-business development projects. Many parts of the framework is modular to use different frameworks or application blocks.

Modern HTML5 UI Framework

Modern HTML5 UI Framework reduces time developing common functionality and coordinating disparate JavaScript frameworks. UI framework is a comprehensive framework for building modern web and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Banking Framework

The Banking Framework is based on Enterprise Application Framework and Modern HTML5 UI Framework. The Banking Framework is Based on SOA. You can use with ESB software or integrate with other ESBs. It has process designer and rule engine for IT and power business users. They can build their processes, generate UIs and deploy to production. Banking Framework includes Customer, Accounts, Cards, Fee & Commission, Users, Branches, Products, Unique key for transactions, fraud integrations and configurable base components. Main idea of Banking Framework to maximizing sales and optimization of operations. The Banking Framework enables offering products and bundles with product industrialization components. BMP, rule management, consolidated task management, workforce management and predictive analysis platforms enables optimization in operations.

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