Synergies Cloud Solutions

Transform your Financial Institution with Synergies Cloud Solutions
Synergies Cloud Solutions boost financial institutions performance, simplify their operation, increase their reach and ascertain their compliance across the whole Islamic financial value chain; Synergies Islamic banking solutions are deployed via a cloud-based delivery model. Cloud offers a scalable, manageable technology model that cuts IT hardware, maintenance and development investment, which makes it the ideal deployment choice for a many Banks and financial institutions that are not hampered by intricated IT systems. Banks and financial institutions remain business, customer and market focused, while entrusting technology partners with their IT service delivery. The ability to use Synergies Cloud Solutions enables banks and financial institutions have access to a highly secure, always-on, industry-leading Islamic banking and financial technology solutions, without the need for significant internal IT resources and expensive infrastructure of their own. Our range of Cloud based Islamic financial solutions provide end to end focused Islamic finance solutions for different needs:
-Islamic Core Banking Cloud
-Islamic Window Cloud
-Islamic Digital Banking Cloud
-Islamic SME Banking Cloud
-Islamic Consumer Financing Cloud
-Islamic Investment Banking Cloud
-Islamic Microfinance Cloud
-Islamic Crowdfunding Cloud
-Islamic Sukuks Trading Cloud
-Islamic Treasury Cloud

Cloud based Synergies Islamic Banking Platform assures your business high levels of availability and reduced downtime; The solution can be easily implemented in different models, Cloud Solutions or Hybrid (this is used specifically where regulations do not allow that the bank data resides outside the country). Moreover, Synergies Cloud solutions can easily be integrated with bank existing on premise solutions or external solutions and systems Synergies Cloud Islamic Window Solution
For banks wishing to open an Islamic Window, Synergies Cloud solutions can easily be integrated with bank existing on premise solutions or external solutions and systems; thus enabling easy, agile and cost-effective Islamic finance adoption
The rapid emergence of cloud computing is transforming the way financial institutions think about how they consume their IT resources it enables them better focus on their business and customer; Early adopters embrace new ways of doing business and can benefit massively from this 'disruptive' approach. This is aimed at allowing your business to perform better and widely by working with our solutions on proven technologies- rather than worrying that technology may disrupt your established business model. From a pure tech point of view, we are transforming the way we distribute our solutions and services to our clients.

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